An introduction to Precious Mineralz products and our unique raw material Halloysite that is used as a carrier and delivery system for important ingredients to improve skin appearance and health.
Our first appearance on ABC 4's Good Things Utah and a description of our skincare products for face, lips, hand and body and eyelashes
Precious Mineralz LLC is Purpose Driven and our charitable organizations are Utah Food Band and Best Friends Animal Society. We sell merchandise and also make monetary donations to help support these organizations' missions.
We shared reviews from some of customers about our products - DSN Ad
Deborah Dixon was asked to provide predictions for the beauty industry for 2024 - Inside Beauty
Digital Banner in the DSN online newsletter that provides a short introduction to Precious Mineralz and OUT OF MOUNTAINS products
The DSN Ad describes the reformulated Rich Body Polish and how effective it is for exfoliating, moisturizing and polishing body extremities. 
Deborah Dixon described her prediction for the men's market and what drives decision making on products
Precious Mineralz LLC was introduced along with products and our unique raw material, our nanotubular clay, called Halloysite.